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What does Credit Wellness mean to you?

Credit wellness is an important indicator of your financial health and journey. We chatted to a few people about their understanding of credit wellness.

How does your heritage affect your approach to finances? Part 2

September marks a month where South Africans celebrate their heritage. It’s a time to consider where we come from, weed out the things that fail us, and water the seeds that might prove helpful for our future finances. Part 2 of 2

How does your heritage affect your approach to finances?

Do you know what role your heritage plays in your finances? Check out our latest video and listen to what some of our followers had to say about their approach to money as a result of their upbringing.

Put your financial savviness to the test

The JustMoney team celebrates women and their financial savviness. See how you would fare in certain financial situations, give this video a watch.

Savvy saving tips for Savings Month

The JustMoney team discusses the importance and benefits of saving. Watch the video for tips on how to save money.

Youth finances

This Youth Month we speak to young people about money management and the challenges they face regarding their finances.

Financial tips our mothers gave us

The JustMoney team shares a few financial nuggets we’ve learnt from our moms while growing up, as we celebrate them and their influence.

Savvy Shopping Showdown

It’s been a year since Covid hit, and we decided to compare the prices of basic grocery items across three of the bigger supermarkets. Find out which is cheaper and whether it pays to shop around.

Honey, let’s chat money

Financial compatibility is important when choosing a partner. According to statistics, the majority of divorces are as a result of financial disagreements. At JustMoney we believe in laying a solid financial foundation. This process starts with ...

31 Top tips to financially survive the silly season

Financially surviving the silly season isn’t always the easiest task, but this year we have you covered. With 31 tips that stretch from budgeting to becoming debt-free, we are here to help ensure that you stay on track.

Kids say the darndest things – about money

It is important to teach your kids about money – how to save it, and how to spend it wisely. JustMoney spoke to some of our kids to understand their idea of what money and saving is. You won’t believe what some of them had to say!

What scares you about your finances?

Finances can be anxiety-inducing. If money matters keep you up at night or make your brow sweat, know that you are not alone. We spoke to readers about their fears.

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