Unit Trust

Apply for a unit trust through Justmoney.

A unit trust is the pooled money of many investors that is invested in the financial markets through a single collective investment scheme. Unit trusts invest in different markets and market sectors, while some invest across markets.

These funds are managed by professional fund managers, who have the ability to invest in different markets and market sectors. Different unit trusts will have different risk profiles (i.e. low, medium or high) which will impact the kind of markets and products that the fund manager will invest the money in.

The higher the risk appetite, the higher the risk of losing your money is, however, the possible returns on your investment is also higher.

If you have any questions about unit trusts, ask our unit trusts expert. Do you have a question about unit trusts? You can share these on the Justmoney forum, the Justmoney community and our experts will be on hand to help.


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